Our Showroom is Open Regular Hours

Mon -Fri: 10AM - 5PM
Sat: 10AM - 3PM and by Appointment

To Protect Your Life and Our Employees

  • Face masks must be worn by both our staff and customers
  • Limited numbers will be allowed in the showroom at any time
    • Allows proper social distancing on 6' minimum
    • Sanitization between customer visits
    • Control of store traffic
    • Appointments are recommended
  • Please call in advance if possible 319.377.2320

We appreciate your business and cooperation during the COVID Crisis!

Regarding - Leisure Zone's response to growing COVID-19 pandemic

Our company takes its responsibility seriously to provide the services and products our customers, like you, consider essential to their life-style. We also consider it our responsibility to protect you, our potential new clients, our employees and our fellow Iowans. Therefore, we have been weighing how to continue conducting business amid the increase in COVID-19 cases. It is our desire to continue to provide what you and new clients expect from us in the safest way possible.
OSHA and CDC encourages the following of retail store owners and operators:

"Employers should remain alert of changing outbreak conditions, including as
they relate to community spread of the virus...and implement infection prevention
measures accordingly."

"Employers should assess the hazards to which their workers may be exposed;
evaluate the risk of exposure; and select, implement, and ensure workers use controls
to prevent exposure."

With these things in mind, we are encouraging all current clients to choose from one of the following options for conducting business with us during the heightened COVID-19 pandemic:

VIRTUAL SHOPPING and Virtual Sales Presentations

  • If you are interested in Billiards and Gaming items or Hot Tubs and Spas you may shop virtually on our website or consult us for a Virtual Presentation
  • Contact Garry at 319.269.0663 to set your appointment


  • If you prefer to enter our event and physically view our options for the holiday, a new gaming or spa product, you may call ahead, if you prefer to reserve a specific appointment: Call Dylan: 909.492.6966
  • Masks are required for each visit
  • Social distancing guidelines are in place
  • A maximum of 5 clients in showroom at one time
  • We ask that only 2 people from a family enter store at any given time


  • During open hours, our expert staff is readily available to answer any of your questions, or provide general advice Call Garry: 319.269.0663


  • As mentioned above, we will attempt to limit the number of customers in the event at one time to 5 persons
  • The Showroom doors are open, we simply recommend choosing one of the options above to do business with us, if at all possible
  • We ask that only 2 people from a family enter at any given time
  • Masks are required
  • Social distancing guidelines are in place

It is our hope, as we are sure it is yours, that this pandemic and the resulting burdens disappear soon! We hope to return to normal business as soon as there is a change in conditions. We share your distaste for the forced changes in the way we do business, and we apologize for the inconveniences it causes. At the same time, we take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Leisure Zone as your leisure headquarters and we look forward to seeing you again soon!